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The Forward We Grow team is forever learning and evolving. As we co-create to bring you an adventure you’ll never forget, we are building on our own skills and passions. Our biggest inspiration is our participants, forward warriors, that by simply telling their life stories, struggles we continue to grow. We hope within group discussions and covering different topics each participant and team member learns from one another.  
Tamarindo, Costa Rica 2015

Sarah Wilson

1. What is your role in the Forward We Grow Experience?
I’m basically your travel guide, director, social media guru and your space ship captain! I do everything from creating the schedule to being your photographer and everything in-between. It’s a lot of different aspects to juggle but I truly am passionate about the work which makes it enjoyable. I’ve put all my love in creating these adventures with the hope that it can make a difference in someones life. My intention for all Warriors is that they learn something new about themselves and grow from these experiences.
2. What is your story and how did you acquire your skills?
My partner in life and I took a hiatus many years ago and I said fuck it! I’m going on a three week solo travel mission in Costa Rica! It was scary, thrilling and eye-opening. I learned more about myself in those three weeks than I had all year.
I have taken what I learned about myself and the country, working at a surf camp in Tamarindo, and applied it to these experiences. I wanted to share with others how much growth can be acquired by simply getting out of comfort zones, traveling and trying new things. Accompany that with mind, body, soul nurturing practices, such as yoga and a healthy meal plan, and voila! Forward We Grow was born and we are now coming up on our THIRD experience in Costa Rica and we are only getting better at what we do. I’ve acquired my skills by simply getting out there and living. I have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education, I’m a waitress at an old bar in Bloomington, Indiana, I have seven siblings and a deep passion for travel.
3. What motivates and inspires you?
I’m inspired by nature, music, community, badass-authentic women and men, culture and travel. My fire ignites, when I see humans out there living their most authentic life, whatever that means to them. My partner in life, family and friends motivate me to be the best me I can be, I could not do it without their love and support.  
4. What does the perfect day look like to you?! 
Waking up, refreshed, with the love of my life, Jake, laying beside me and my two dogs, Mowgli and Rogue, snuggling us, waiting for us to get up. Followed by, a smorgasbord of delicious breakfast food,because its the best meal of the day, and coffee. Yoga in the morning after breakfast, a walk to the beach to surf or a day spent hiking with loved ones, trying a new restaurant and reading whatever book is on my night stand. My favorite days are the simplest of ones. 

Sierra vandervort
Yoga Instructor

What is your role in the Forward We Grow Experience? 

I’m the yoga, breath work and meditation leader for our Forward warriors! I hope to lead the women of this trip in exploring their internal divinity and innate badass-ness! I want to give to this community what it gave to me when I was a participant: space to grow, a thirst to explore, and the patience to love yourself through the process. I'll be leading morning Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathing) practices with relevant, spiritual discussions and journaling prompts. Alignment-based instruction will leave your body feeling relaxed and balanced, while mindful breath work and meditation will help you feel clear headed and free! 

What is your story and how did you acquire your skills? 

I'm a writer, yoga instructor and herbalist living in New Orleans. While falling in love with the Big Easy I began my formal yoga instructor certification. New Orleans also provided a wonderful opportunity to explore and expand my interests. I began studying herbalism and witchcraft, and expanded what the ideas of healing and religion meant to me. I'm currently kicking it down on the Bayou with my two puppies and the enchanting energy of this city.

What motivates and inspires you? 

Music, nature, magic, movement, books, community, LOVE! My city, my partner, my family, my teachers and their teachers, the innate divinity in all creation and our ability to reach and express that.

What does the perfect day look like to you?! 

Waking up early to some good coffee and puppy snuggles. Maybe reading a book in bed and some yoga. Getting some work done, being outside, having time to breathe and relax, exploring, being with the people I love, and good food! Or something completely different! Spontaneity is exciting! Life is what you make it ☺


Morgan McGill 
The Cook

What is your role in the Forward We Grow Experience?

I am blessed to have the opportunity to feed our Forward Warriors! You’ll usually find me in the kitchen. I create a meal plan centered on whole foods, with enough fuel to get you through your busy days. I plan the meals all year long, educating myself on native Costa Rican vegetation and dishes. I also lead a nutrition-focused cooking class.

What is your story and how did you acquire your skills?

I am proudly self-taught. As a teenager, I discovered that I had some bizarre food allergies. I started cooking for myself out of necessity because I couldn’t go out and eat “normal” food. Surprisingly, I found that I loved cooking and sharing food with others. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years, doing every job possible, from prep cook, to busser, to bartender. Working with fresh, local ingredients is a top priority. I volunteer on an urban farm in Indianapolis and I’m working on obtaining an Urban Agriculture Certificate. I believe that the food you eat will hurt you or heal you, so choose wisely!

What motivates and inspires you?

Love, beauty, friendship, nature, divine feminine energy, and seeing the world inspire me. My family motivates me: my hard-working husband, Patrick, and my 6-year old collie mix, Noke. Building community, supporting the greater good, and volunteerism resonate with me as well. I lost my mother to a rare autoimmune disease in 2016. Since her death, I have been motivated to truly live my life in the most authentic fashion possible. Scream yes to the things that benefit you, and kindly say no to things that don’t.

What does the perfect day look like to you?! 

I would wake up early, extremely well rested. I love mornings and I love to sleep, so this usually isn’t the case. I would make a cup of black tea with milk and honey, then go on my porch and lead my body through a slow morning flow. Then I would walk my dog, and cook breakfast with my husband. He would make scrambled eggs and I would make pancakes. After eating, we’d take our dog on my favorite hike: the Amy Weingartner Branigin Peninsula Preserve. It’s a short, yet challenging, 2 mile hike that leads you to a beach on Lake Monroe in Bloomington, Indiana. After the hike, we’d meet friends and play some board games over drinks. We’d go home early, cook another meal, and head to bed together.

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