​yoga, surf and culture experience
Playa Conchal, Costa Rica 

Dates: ​​
May 7-13 2019 : Fully Booked
November 12-18 2019: Applications Open
       *Early Bird Special: $100 off a Private Room

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November 12- 18 2019

Queen Bed Private guest house: $1,733 USD
Shared Queen bed or
queen/twin in a shared double occupancy
: $1,483 USD ​​
Payment plans available! we are here to make it work for you
20% Deposit must be made to hold your space

What's included on this experience...

One Surf Lesson

 Tamarindo is one of the premiere surfing beaches in Costa Rica, particularly for beginners. So, If you’ve never popped up on a board before, no worries! We have a badass local surf instructor and good friend Reiner at La Palapa Surf Rental that will help you understand how to catch and stay on a wave. 
Surfs up chica! 

"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun."


Rincon de la Vieja a famous National Park of Costa Rica will include...
  • ​Oropendola Waterfall 
    • Rio Negro Hots Springs
      • Heated volcanic clay to smooth over body like a "spa body masque" 
      • 10 man-made  hot springs created to capture the steaming mineral rich water
    • A sparkling turqoise water fairy pool that makes for a refreshing swim and if you are ballsy enough an exhilarating jump!
Catarata Llanos de Cortes
  • On our final day we take a jounrey out to this magestic waterfall.
    • Hike to the top to breathe in the awe of the rain forest below

YOGA  Each and Everyday

Guided yoga instruction will take place each morning before breakfast. Early morning yoga can help to build a healthy, consistent routine to your yoga practice. Practicing yoga early in the morning will warm up your digestive system and help nutrients move more easily through the body. We will also have a sunset yoga sessions and a few other scattered throughout the retreat. 

Three Nutritous Meals a Day

A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside. We will provide three meals each day that will fuel your body and soul with natural ingredients from the beautiful country of Costa Rica. 

Diet Includes...
  • Fish
  • Eggs 
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • ​Beans and Rice


CEPIA stands for Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents and is a Costarican non-profit organisation that seeks to promote culture, health, sports and education for children and teenagers and their families from poor backgrounds in the communities of Guanacaste, Costa Rica

We will spend a day giving back to the beautiful country and people of Costa Rica by getting to know its future generation and providing school material. We want to give thanks to Costa Rica for sharing its beautiful land and culture with us. 

​Also they are darn cute. 

Accommodation in our jungle home Casa Brisas del Mar

Casa Brisas de Mar is a modern home situated at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean and mountains. It'll be your home away from home, waking up to a breathe taking view each and every day. 
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
* Tranportation to and from the Liberia Airport in Guanacaste the first day of experience and check out only! 
*Transportation to all adventures
*Professional Photos of you and your new friends
*7 days and 6 nights of Accommodation 
* Salsa Dancing at Crazy Monkey, experience how the locals get down!
* Trip to the local farmers maket
* Sunset Yoga on the Beach or at Lookout
* Meeting other badass humans
*Ambience at Pangas Beach Club 
*15 minute walk to Playa Conchal
* A 20% deposit of the price must be made to hold your spot

What your day would look like with Forward We Grow...

A theme for every experience...

On every experience we chose a topic that we believe will resonate or spark inspiration with every participant. We will cover a topic every evening that will be related to our theme. These topics will include journal activities that will be shared each morning when we gather for breakfast. These topics are meant to get us talking and making connections. To learn and grow from one another. 
Before we flow togher the sun will begin rising over the mountains and waking up the howler monkies, that will in turn wake you up! This time is meant for you to grab a cup of coffee, journal or simply soak in the natural beauty around you...

7:00 am: Morning Flow ...will get you  centered and warmed up for the exciting day ahead.  Our platform over looks the ocean and gives you this complete feeling of serenity. This overwelming feeling that you can do anything.

8:30 am: Breakfast....consisting of fresh local fruit, eggs, beans and rice.  Every morning we  willtake time to discuss our topic from the previous evening.

9:45 am - 11:45 am : Free time... to swim  in the pool, dicuss, journal, soak up the sun or ride down to Playa Conchal. Walk along the beach or swim in the turqoise bay. 

12:00 pm: Lunch... Greek salad with toasted chickpeas and quinoa, either at our casa or packed for on the go!  

1:30 pm: Leave for Tamarindo...about a 30 minute drive into town. On our journey you'll see cattle freely walking the road as many animals do in Costa Rica. 

2:00 pm: Surf Lessons.... with our buddy Reiner! The feeling of riding on a surf board for the first time, will be one you will never forget.  If its not for you...no biggie relax on the beach and find yourself a fresh coconut to sip on! 

4:00 pm -5:15pm: Head to Casa Brisas...if we have time we will stay to watch the sunset or make our way home. Surf lessons are incredbily exhausting!

6:00 pm: Dinner.... a cauliflower rice burrito bowl will be filling after exerting so much energy, made with love by our nuturing cook. During dinner we will lead a  group dicussion about  a topic related to our theme!